Xtra-Sense - Creating Innovative Security Solutions

Specialist Sensors and Detectors

We seek to apply our proprietary technology to develop new sensors and detectors to solve specific customer problems in specialist applications.

An example is the development of the Xtra-Sense LFS Stress Detector for detecting physical attacks on safes and ATMs.

The unit can detect malicious activity at an early stage to help prevent loss of any contents and expensive damage to the safe or ATM. At the same time it also provides a high level of immunity to false alarms, making it ideal as a trigger unit for cash protection systems, such as dye staining.

The product range has subsequently been expanded to use in detecting attacks on secure doors, building walls and ceilings.

The product will be of interest to Security Managers of Banks and manufacturers, owners, and Operation Managers of safes and ATMs.

For more information on this product, please contact Ian Perkins at Crosspath Services Ltd