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Mains Signalling Systems

Signalling via the mains wiring has a reputation for being a less-than-perfect solution to communicating information around a building, especially in the extremely electrically noisy environment of modern mains power wiring. However, a reliable mains signalling system has several key benefits:

  • No new wiring is required, making it a wireless signalling system
  • The mains is a hard-wired medium providing fail-safe circuits due to the use of ring-main wiring.
  • The data path is entirely predictable, and not subject to unknown interference and propagation reflections.
  • Installation can be as simple as plugging in the system components
  • No aerial installation is required
  • No frequency variation from country to country or licensing issues.

We have been working for several years in this field and have developed our proprietary Merlin technology to provide reliable, long range signalling in large multi-storey, three-phase buildings in the presence of significant amounts of electrical noise.

The Merlin technology effectively offers a long range wireless signalling system inside buildings and small complexes of buildings. It is designed for simple data such as alarm and control signals and the communication of readings from sensors or monitoring equipment.

Based upon the strengths of the technique, we have developed the following range of Merlin based products and welcome the opportunity to work with customers in applying our technology to new areas.

Merlin help call alarmMerlin Trio Help Call System -a highly portable, simple to use, panic alarm / help call system for personnel and lone worker safety in buildings.

Merlin mains signalling receiverMerlin Eco Remote Switching / Power Saving System -a power saving system allowing the switching of equipment and control circuits throughout a building from a central location

Merlin mains signalling transmitterMerlin Eco Data Signalling – a communication system for sending simple data through a building’s mains power wiring network

Merlin multi channel mains signalling systemMerlin 8 Mains Signalling System – designed to create a virtual eight pair signal cable on the mains wiring capable of BS-EN50131 Security Grade 3