Xtra-Sense - Creating Innovative Security Solutions


Products are classified into three families: security sensors and alarms for items on display; specialist sensors and detectors; and “through the mains” signalling and communication systems.

Security Sensors and Alarms for Items on Display

alarms for items on displayA unique range of reliable sensor and detector products that offer flexible and cost effective security and alarm solutions for managers responsible for the security of items in museums, art galleries, historic houses, heritage properties, shops and retail outlets, corporate offices, libraries, churches and exhibitions.

Specialist Sensors and Detectors

specialist alarms and detectorsA specialist security product to detect physical attacks on ATMs, safes, and similar safe storage facilities. The product will be of interest to Security Managers of Banks and manufacturers, owners, and Operation Managers of safes and ATMs.

Merlin Mains Signalling Technology

signalling systems using the mains power wiringThe Merlin Mains Signalling systems use the existing mains power wiring within a building or complex to create a signalling path for the communication of simple signals, such as alarms, slow data, and switching signals, without the need to install new wiring. They offer the benefits of both a wireless signalling system and a hard-wired communication path.