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Merlin Eco Remote Switching of Lighting and Pumps / Power Saving System

remote switching of electrical equipment

The Xtra-Sense Merlin Eco Remote Switching / Power Saving system is an innovative product for allowing the remote switching of power consuming plant and equipment over long distances within a building or complex of buildings, without the need for new wiring.

It can be linked to simple switches, timer switches and complex building management control systems to switch equipment on and off, either directly or indirectly. The input signal from a switch or control system is transmitted through the fixed mains-power wiring within the building or complex using the powerful and reliable Merlin data transmission technology.

These products provide state of the art power-saving switches that allow for the remote switching of lighting, pumps and other electrical systems. The innovative Merlin signalling technology delivers a high quality and reliable switching solution that can be used in a wide range of commercial, industrial or residential settings. They are easy to operate and are highly efficient with their low power-consumption feature.

These devices offer the convenience of triggering electrical appliances, using signals sent across existing electrical wiring, enabling simpler and remote control of lights, pumps and other devices. The application of these power saving switches can be adapted to your requirements.

This technologically advanced product comes with various key benefits:

Easy Installation

All you need is a simple input switch to the transmitter unit and to plug or wire the transmitter and receiver units into mains power wiring at their respective locations.

No Additional Wiring Needed

This device will adapt to your existing electrical wiring and will offer efficient signalling over long distances, provided that the transmitter and receiver units are on the same mains power wiring supply or ring.

No Interference

Unlike radio devices, the Merlin data signalling systems are not affected by obstacles, such as walls or metallic shielding.

High Signal Sensitivity

The Merlin filtering technology ensures that the Merlin signal can be distinguished on very noisy electrical wiring systems.

Uni-directional and bi-directional modes

Using this device, the user can transmit simple data in either uni-directional or bi-directional mode, according to the needs of the application.

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PDF Leaflet -Merlin Eco Power Saving System Leaflet