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Merlin 8 Mains Signalling System

Merlin multi channel mains signalling system

The Merlin 8 Signalling System uses the existing Mains Power wiring within a building or complex to create a new virtual multi-core signalling cable for the communication of simple signals such as alarms or switching signals without the need to install new wiring.

Traditional detector or switch inputs can be fed into the eight input Merlin 8 Transponder units and those outputs delivered into a remote control or alarm panel via a Merlin 8 Receiver unit.

The simplest system comprises a single eight input Merlin 8 Transponder signalling to a single eight output Merlin 8 Receiver. The two inputs effectively create a virtual 16 core signal / alarm cable designed to comply with the Security Grade 3 requirements of the EN 50131 European security standard series.

PDF Leaflet – Merlin 8 Systems