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Security Sensors and Alarms for Items on Display

PDF Leaflet – Xtra-Sense Security Systems

The Xtra-Sense Display Alarm product range is a unique and patented security system, developed specifically to help prevent theft, damage and shoplifting of valuable items on display. Ideally suited for use in applications such as museum alarm systems and retail security systems.

These security and alarm systems provide flexible, cost effective solutions for managers responsible for security in museums, art galleries, historic houses, heritage properties, shops and retail outlets, corporate offices, libraries, churches and exhibitions.

Products are available in four main types:

Fully integrated pressure pad alarms

Plinth Alarms

– self-contained pressure pad alarms, ideal for alarming items on open display, such as figurines, bronzes, clocks, vases etc.

Kit Alarm Systems

Kit Alarm Systems

– highly flexible alarms and detectors for a wide range of displays, such as shelves, table tops and mantelpieces.

Sensor Pad Alarms

Sensor Pad Alarms

– pressure pad alarms made up of a sensor pad linked with wiring to an alarm box – a hybrid of the Plinth and Kit Alarms for applications where either the pure Plinth or Kit are not the best solution.

Painting Alarms

Painting Alarms

– detectors and alarms for wall hanging objects, such as pictures and paintings, that do not need to be attached to the painting.

Systems operate by detecting very small changes in weight, even when heavily loaded, and offer a number of key benefits:
  • Unobtrusive – no unsightly wires or chains are attached to the products being protected. Displays highlight the item not the security system.
  • 24 Hour Protection – the Xtra-Sense systems can operate during public viewing times when many other security systems are switched off.
  • Protection of multiple items on one surface or stand – multiple items can be placed on a display surface or stand fitted with the Xtra-Sense system, and each item is individually protected irrespective of the variety of item weights*.
  • Proven reliability – Xtra-Sense does not employ moving parts with their inherent reliability problems. It is tamper proof, and designed to minimise the potential for false alarms. Maintenance is limited to changing the battery, or checking the power supply.
  • Simple to operate and install by staff – no special skills are required to install or set up the system and can be a DIY security solution. Once powered up, the system is self-adjusting. It is equally simple to dismantle and re-assemble in a new configuration.
  • Clear audible signal alarm – soft or loud alarm options are available for stand-alone systems to attract the attention of staff when an item is removed from its display position.
  • Options available – Xtra-Sense can be used to trigger larger security networks such as, CCTV cameras, voice message, pagers, or in-store lighting, as part of an integrated alarm system. These links can be made both via hard-wiring, and through commonly available wireless transmission systems

* subject to maximum loading and minimum sensitivity specifications