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Sensor Pad Alarms

round_padThe Xtra-Sense Pad Alarms are a combination of the Plinth and Kit systems, comprising: one or more Sensor Pads, an Alarm Box, and link wiring.

Sensor Pads are similar to Plinths, but are fitted only with sensors. Like the Kits, the Sensor Pads must be linked to an Alarm Box by simple two-core wiring.

Sensor Pads can be as small as required, and can have a depth profile of down to approximately 8 to 10mm.

Wiring more than one Sensor Pad together in one system creates a larger alarmed surface.

PDF Leaflet – Xtra Sense Pad Alarms

Typical applications include alarms for:

  • Bronzes, sculptures, and figurines
  • Clocks, antiques, silverware and jewellery
  • Items at exhibitions and fairs
  • Shelving systems
  • Table-top displays
  • Display cabinets